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Year: N/A Budget: N/A

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Belgrade By-Pass

Year: N/A Budget: 115.000.000 €

Belgrade City Road Bypass (Serbian: Обилазница око Београда) or simply Belgrade Bypass is a beltway, currently under construction, around the city of Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. See more

Zeleni Venac Reconstruction

Year: 2007 Budget: 9.000.000 €

The major feature by which Zeleni Venac is known today is the open market of the same name (Serbian: Pijaca Zeleni Venac, Cyrillic: Пијаца Зелени Венац), one of largest in Belgrade. Also one of the major terminal stations of the city's public transportation, with almost 20 bus lines beginning there, is located next to the market. See more

Zira Hotel

Year: 2007 Budget: 85.000.000 €

Demand for prime quality retail space in central Belgrade is extremely high due to lack of adequate supply. A premium commercial complex in a prime location in Belgrade was opened in October 2007. See more

Autocenter Stojanovic

Year: N/A Budget: N/A

Autocentar Stojanović, the official Škoda dealer, is going to open a new office space at 3,500 square meters in Block 45 in New Belgrade by the end of the year. See more

Usce shopping center

Year: 2009 Budget: 150.000.000 €

Usce Shopping Center in Belgrade, Serbia, opened its monolithic doors to provide the largest shopping gallery in the region of Belgrade. See more


Year: 2010 Budget: N/A

Completely modern architecture, utterly luxurious apartments, absolutely exquisite surroundings. See more


Year: 2010 Budget: 200.000.000 €

Belville is a completely new concept of residential space, snuggled in the heart of New Belgrade. Belville is a miniature city of its own in the midst of the Serbian capital Belgrade and is unique in many ways. See more

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