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Delta City shopping mall

Year: 2007 Budget: 74.000.000 €

Delta City shopping mall contains a supermarket, numerous fashion, sports, lifestyle and home décor shops, banks, a post office and other services. See more

Tech park

Year: N/A Budget: 4.500.000 €

Area designed for technology park located in the southwestern part of the town of Vrsac, the area between the railway Belgrade - Vrsac - Timisoara (Romania), the main road Belgrade - Vrsac - Vatin (Romania) and the railway station Vrsac, and relies on a physical complex Hemofarm. See more

Mr Bricolage

Year: 2009 Budget: 9.000.000 €

The facility at 5,800 square meters represents the first in the series of investments of company "Brico Spec" in Serbian market, which is 100% owned by French-Bulgarian company "Doverie Brico AD". See more

Contemporary art museum

Year: 2008 Budget: 3.600.000 €

Museum of Contemporary Art is located in New Belgrade, near the confluence of Sava and Danube river, and neer the Kalemegdan. The museum is architecturally distinguished by its original spatial composition, crystalline volume and good relationship with the environment. See more

Metropolitan Project

Year: 2010 Budget: N/A

Metropolitan apartments is a modern residential-commercial complex which offers its owners the highest level of residential accommodation. The entire complex is being constructed according to the highest standards of quality, technical facilities and safety. See more

Europen Megastore

Year: 2008 Budget: 8.000.000 €

With construction of wholesale building in New Belgrade - Europen Megastore in Block 41,participation of enterprises Europen Trade-A office market, advertising materials and consumer goods market will significantly increase. See more

Immo center

Year: 2007 Budget: 4.000.000 €

Immo Center has concrete structure with classical columns with 8.0x8.0m grids. Roof supporting structure is made out of steel. See more

Doncafe factory

Year: 2007 Budget: 10.000.000 €

Doncafe factory is equipped with the latest technological equipment for processing coffee, with processing capacity exceeding 18,000 tons per year, which will grow to 30,000 tons. See more

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