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Oil rafinery

Year: 1969 Budget: N/A

The rafinery is an industrial complex for processing crude oil derivatives. See more

Nikola Tesla B thermo-electric power plant

Year: 1983 Budget: N/A

The termal power station "Nikola Tesla" B (TENT B) is located on the left bank of the river Sava, 17 km upstream from Obrenovac, in the region Vorbis. See more

Al Shemal thermo-electric power plant

Year: N/A Budget: N/A

Thermal power station "Al Shemal" is situated on the river Tigris, 20 km south of the town of Mosul in Iraq. The total capacity is 2,100 MW and it consists of 6 blocks, each of 350 MW capacity. See more

Domestic appliances factory

Year: 1991 Budget: N/A

This complex consists of production hall, workshop, administrative office building and a skyscraper. See more

Smederevo Ironworks

Year: 1985 Budget: N/A

Processing and auxiliary buildings of the ironworks "Smederevo" cover the area of 300 ha, and on the area of 100 ha the auxiliary facilities were built outside the compound of the plant. See more

Aircraft hangar of The Yugoslav Airlines

Year: 1986 Budget: N/A

The basic system of construction comprises three prestressed main roof girders with the span 135.80 m positioned paralelly to the longer side of the base, and six main reinforced concrete pillars. See more

The Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla

Year: 1979 Budget: N/A

The airport building for international air-traffic serves passengers and luggage by multi-storey operation system. See more

Vukov spomenik underground station

Year: 1995 Budget: N/A

The station is located under the carriageway Ruzveltova street and streets Bulevar Revolucije and 27. mart in Beograd, at the depth of 40 m. It spreads on the area of 2,400 m2. See more

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