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The port of Misurata

Year: N/A Budget: N/A

Ivain Milutinovic - PIM constructed the entire port in two phases. See more

The Rzav regional water supply system

Year: 1993 Budget: N/A

Raw water tapping from the water intake on the Rzav river and transport to the water treatment plant. See more

Makis water purification plant

Year: 1987 Budget: N/A

To supply the town of Belgrade with water, the purification plant "Makis" was designed and constructed to process the Sava river water into drinking water. See more

Keddara embankment dam

Year: 1986 Budget: N/A

Ii is a rock-filled dam with clay core, 106 m high, 468 m long in the crest, 12 m wide in the crest. The width in the base is 380 m, and the volume of accumulation 146x10 million m3. See more

Haditha hydro-electric power plant

Year: 1987 Budget: N/A

The Haditha dam on the Euphrates is rock filled, with a dolomite central core and an asphalt-concrete diaphragm. See more

Mratinje hydro-electric power plant

Year: 1976 Budget: N/A

The hydroelectric power station is located on the river Piva in Montenegro, about 10 km upstream from the confluence of the Tara and the Piva, in the narrowest part of the Piva canyon. See more

Bajina Basta reversible hydro-electric power plant

Year: 1983 Budget: N/A

Reversible pumping plant "Bajina Basta" is the second phase of the hydroelectric power station system "Bajina Basta". On the mountain of Tara two rock-filled dams were built which form the accumulation of 150x10 million m3. See more

Bajina Basta hydro-electric power plant

Year: 1966 Budget: N/A

The gravity concrete hollow dam 90 m high, 461 m long in the crest, forms the accumulation lake 50 km long with the capacity of 340x10 million m3. See more

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